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Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture (PS4TLA)

Researching the foundations of privacy for Future Learning Ecosystems.


The PS4TLA project investigates user-tailored privacy to support Total Learning Architecture (TLA) users’ privacy decisions. The user-tailored privacy methodology accounts for the high variability and context-dependency of people’s privacy decisions by creating a personalized, context-dependent model of users’ privacy preferences, and then tailors users’ privacy settings to these modeled preferences. A summit will be held to develop an industry standard for user-tailored privacy, followed by a report with recommendations for privacy support for the TLA, and a draft specification for privacy support for the TLA.

Major Deliverables

  • TLA Privacy Specification (Versions 0.1/0.2/1.0) (Privacy Research)
  • Standard-setting summit, report, and webinar
  • Webinar on user-tailored privacy
  • Research prototype release


Cross-Cultural Privacy Predictions (2017 Article)

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY16-FY19

External Performers: Clemson University, School of Computing, Human-Centered Computing

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0105